With the recent success in National exams of the Roddy Scott Foundation’s Pupils in English language, we have the happy challenge of providing financial assistance to a handful of our successful pupils.
Most critically is the status of three students who are living with extreme financial hardship who are embarked on undergraduate studies at Universities in the Georgian Republic.


We aim to provide modest funds of £60 a month to cover living expenses and the cost of their food.

Your help is very much needed and any one-off donations or pledges of monthly debits will be very gratefully received.

Please click on this link and  DONATE now. Your money really will make positive difference to a young persons life.


Please make clear whether you would be willing for your name to be published on the webpage on a donors list, which we feel is a minimum show of our gratitude for your support.
We will also keep a page dedicated to providing updates on their progress and you will be able to see their academic achievements unfold over the next three years!

Thankyou for your kindness in looking at our website. Please feel free to leave comments. We would love to hear from potential fund raisers who may be interested in supporting the RSF, and you can e mail us on:


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