#Sufism- a creed of loving kindness by Daemon Dewing



Sufism is in essence a “Mystical’ strand within the Islamic Milieu. Its interpretation ranges from an orthodox position entrenched within Islam and accepted or tolerated by the Orthodoxy to varying degrees. At the other end of the spectrum is an almost entirely esoteric understanding the world which is frequently at odds with Orthodox Islam. What are the points of differentiation?
Superficially or outwardly these revolve around practice. For Sufis, Prayer may be considered a personal matter rather than obligatory. A Muslim in the strictest interpretation cannot be Muslim if he does not pray 5 times daily or eats pork. This interpretation varies in the rigidity of its enforcement. And indeed enforcement is a trend that is re-emerging in the Islamic world after centuries of laxer practice of religious observances. It is true to say that many Sufi interpretations have progressively loosened their adherence to the central tenets of Islam. herein…

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