The Pankisi Times: An online newspaper led by and for children.


See what the University of Irvine California wrote about the Roddy Scott Foundations project to bring Journalistic skills to the children of Pankisi and start the process of literate self advocacy.
In the Pankisi Valley of Georgia, students in the Roddy Scott Foundation-sponsored English Language program are enriching their language study by generating an online English language newspaper – Pankisi Times. Since the paper’s inception, student engagement in producing the Times has served as an example of the type of “self-generated learning” associated with Sugata Metra and his “Hole in the Wall” experiments in India. By researching and writing articles for the newspaper, Pankisi youth are not only improving their language acquisition and gaining computer skills but also distancing themselves from the effects of recent conflict while countering their geographic isolation.

The Valley
Pankisi Valley from Roddy Scott Education Center

Budding Journalists Budding Journalists

The Pankisi Valley, situated in North Georgia…

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