Mother : by Iman Gaurgashvili

“Mother” is a word that all people know but only few understand. Mother is a person who gives us a life, who teaches us how to walk, how to speak. Mother knows everything that a child needs. “Mother” is a word that doesn’t know age. Mother is an angel who is happy with her child’s success and is hurt with his failure. She’s looking after you and tries to support you. She wants just one thing from you: to be good. But I have seen many people who don’t estimate their mother’s work.

 When we are, ill mother is doing everything for us. When we make mistakes, she tries to correct them for us and wishes us to be successful in our life.

 Whilst mum is alive you aren’t afraid of death. Mum is the sweetest meaning of life. Mum is the nicest, kind and sensitive person.

 So, without mother life would be worthless.


One thought on “Mother : by Iman Gaurgashvili

  1. Hello my name is Eva. I was a student of RSF, abd i am very thankful to my English teacher for this support.

    Your post is very interesting and i am glad that RSF students are that successful!


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