McLain Association for Children (MAC)  is the Roddy Scott Foundation’s most loyal supporter and closest friend.

MAC Georgia provides support, education and resources for vulnerable persons of all abilities while building the skills and knowledge of the families and communities that care for them. Founded by Cathy McLain, Roy Southworth and Rezo Chinchaladze, and run by Jeremy Gaskill, the organisation works with hundreds of disabled children throughout Georgia, and works to improve facilities and challenge stereotypes and cultural social stigma.

MAC Georgia has educated hundreds of teachers, parents, community leaders and institutional staff about disabilities and has encouraged children in outlying regional areas to go to university by giving 88 children university scholarships. Through the organisation, massage therapists are taught techniques for working more efficiently with children, and hundreds of children have been evaluated.. Autistic children have a voice through their parents’ participation in MAC Georgia’s  parents’ group.

We are incredibly lucky to gain regular grants from MAC Georgia and we thank Cathy, Roy, Jeremy and Rezo for their enduring advice and support!