The work of the Roddy Scott Foundation (RSF) has been praised in local and international media for its contribution to education in the valley, and its overall positive impact.

Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge Fights Terrorism Stereotypes

Eurasianet, 19 June 2018

Meanwhile, locals are proud of the levels of human development their small region has achieved. “The children here have some of the highest test scores in all of Georgia,” Fatima says with evident pride.

The Little Georgian Schoolhouse that Could

Deutsche Welle, January 2015

The Pankisi Gorge in Georgia has gained notoriety as a breeding ground of terrorists. But one little school in is fighting back. It is tackling extremism by connecting its kids to the outside world.

Pankisi Students visit US

Georgia Today, March 2017

A group of students from Pankisi Gorge visited the US from January 20 to February 17, in the framework of the ‘Youth, Inspiring Leadership & Civic Participation in the Pankisi Gorge’ project. The three-week stay was organized by the US Embassy in Georgia and Roddy Scott Foundation.