_DSC7492The Roddy Scott Foundation (RSF) believes that rigorous English language education imparted by local people will allow the children of the Pankisi Valley to enter wider Georgian society with an educational advantage, helping them combat stereotypes and discrimination as they take the next steps into their adult lives.

RSF runs the longest running educational development project in the Pankisi Gorge and currently employs a team of seven local Kist teachers and administrators, who teach and oversee the management of four RSF schools located in the villages of Duisi, Jokolo and Koreti. These schools provide free of charge, after-school English and computer classes to more than 200 students aged between 12 and 17.IMG_9882

Places in our classes are fiercely competitive as RSF students regularly receive some of the region’s highest English language scores, and most enter higher education at some of the best universities in Georgia.

The students of the Roddy Scott Foundation regularly receive the highest English results in in the region in their pre-university exams!