We are always grateful for contributions to the school, which could be in the form of money, your support at an event, or a donation of actual items, which one way or another we would contrive to transport to Pankisi.

Your money would be used to maintain the premises, pay the teachers or simply keep things afloat. Practically this means donations are used for e.g.  the provision of logs to keep the classrooms a little bit warmer during winter – you may have seen from the videos that children wear hats and gloves during class!

Blacking to repaint blackboards, and books and stationery have been provided, but always need to be replaced.

You can support the work of the Roddy Scott Foundation by purchasing our merchandise, or by making a donation. This could be by cheque to:

The Roddy Scott Foundation
Throstle Nest Farm,
Harrogate, HG3 4JS

Tel: 01423 780449 or Daemon on 07861733003

If you think we might be able to make use of anything you no longer need, do please ask:

Thank you.

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