Roddy Scott Foundation School in Jokolo

Roddy Scott Foundation School in Jokolo: by Madina Mutoshvili

Many people might think that Roddy Scott foundation school is one of the ordinary English teaching places in Pankisi Gorge, but I don’t think so for many reasons.

First of all this school and the people involved in the foundation gave us opportunity to be fluent in speaking and writing in English. They also helped us to become self-confident and be independent in making decision without elder’s assistance in all things of our life. It helped us to come out of our shells and showed a brighter future.

When I remember the time I began attending this class I never imagined that I might achieve such a high level at which I’m at now.

Finally I would like to thank to people who established and support the children whose lives are controlled be elders and locked in a tiny area called Pankisi Gorge.