Stina Scott

Stina Scott is the mother of Roddy Scott and founded  the charity in 2008 alongside her husband Robin and Vladimir Lozinski. Since founding the RSF in, Stina has been closely involved in its running and makes regular trips to the Pankisi Valley. Stina lives on her farm in the Yorkshire Dales and runs regular fundraisers in the community.

Vladimir Lozinski

Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Lozinski, of Australian-Ukranian origin, has been involved in the RSF  from the start. With a career in film production, Vladimir has worked with the BBC and ABC and the United Nations. Vlad has won two Emmy Awards for his work producing  news stories and documentaries, and is particularly noted for his work with David Loyn on the Taliban’s taking of Kabul. Vlad is the most regular visitor to the valley and is the editor of the Pankisi Times newspaper.

Ellie Kramers

Ellie first volunteered with the RSF in the summer of 2011, and has been a trustee of the charity since 2012. Ellie is a regular visitor to Georgia and the Pankisi Valley and works on the fundraising and diplomatic side of the charity. Having lived in Moscow for two years, Ellie is now based in London and works in international corporate intelligence and strategic communications.

Daemon Dewing

Daemon Dewing is a plastic surgical registrar based in Merseyside in the United Kingdom, with a particular interest in burns and trauma surgery. He has had a longstanding interest in Georgia and Chechnya since the 1990s and has taken a keen interest in welfare of the Chechen community in Georgia and the UK.